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CPU 100% When Opening Folders

cpu @ 100% when opening a window or explorer

CPU 100% - killing me!

cpu 100% after windows security update

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cpu exchange

Cpu is getting eaten by svchost

CPU at 50% with svchost

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CPU Spike but I don't see the process responsible

CPU Usage 100% services.exe Problem

CPU Spikes - Possible Virus?

CPU running at 100%.explorer.exe using most

CPU 100%: Task Manager -SYSTEM FILE = 98%

CPU SvcHost.exe Hog

CPU running at 100% even when idle (Vista)

CPU usage 20% just moving mouse

CPU maxed while using explorer.exe and Azeurus

CPU Processing time randomly jumps to 80-100% when I open a browser

CPU usage is exploding

CPU USAGE 100% System process

CPU utilitzation / services.exe problems

CPU usage at 100% svchost using 95%

CPU Usage spikes tremendously for low-end process (Task Manager

CPU always running at 50% (win xp)

CPU usage problems after Windows updates tuesday

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